Hello Beautiful Souls,

There is no such thing as coincidence if you’re visiting our website.  You have been led here by your Angels.  We’re here to help you understand how that happened!

In the first five classes, we introduce you to the, How’s, the Why’s and the Who’s of the Angelic Realm.  All of our classes are recorded and accompanied by Exercises, Meditations, PDF files, which once you decide to start your journey with us, they are yours to watch and do over and over.  Plus, you get us we’re here to help you begin and/or strengthen your gifts and make that connection to communicate with your angels!

We have also bundled the first five classes for one course in Connecting with your Angels.

We will be adding NEW classes for your understanding of the many light beings that are here to assist you on your journey in connecting and merging with spirit.

We were guided together through the messages we both received from Archangel Michael to create Unite in the Light.  We’re passionate about helping others with their connection, communication and ascension journey, this is our Divine Life Path to assist you on yours.

Much Love,

Suzi and Dianne

Class 1 : Begin Your Spiritual Journey with The Angels

Energy vibrates, it’s ever-flowing.  The spiritual realm is energy and vibrates at a higher level of energy then we do here on earth.  The Angels communicate with you in a way that is uniquely yours.  In this class, you have an understanding of how we are all connected, and it will give you an understanding of the many ways the Angels can communicate with you.

It is an introduction to divination tools and how they can help strengthen your own gifts, while helping you to raise your vibration, and connect, to receive the divine guidance they want you to hear.  This is an excellent class to those just beginning to understand they are connected and starting their Spiritual journey.  

Class includes video, PDF documents, exercises, and meditation. 

Class 2 : Connecting with your Angels

Angels have a positive impact on your everday life, and in different aspects of your life when you invite them to  help you.  Join us as we share the many ways that you can connect with your guardian angel, and the thousands of Archangels and Specialty Angels that are waiting for your call. 

Class includes video, PDF documents, exercises, and meditation.

Class 3 : Let's Talk Angels

Do you Love Angels, but want a better understanding of who they are, and how they help humanity? 

First, we begin with understanding the choir of Angel.  What exactly are they and what are the charges, or duties of each choir? 

Next, Who are the seven archangels and why they are available to us? 

Learn how to recognize when they’re near their specialties and other information to help you connect, communicate and work with them in your life.

Class 4 : 9 Additional Archangels that are working with humanity

For he will command Angels to work for you… This is the introduction of 9 additional Archangels, who are they, what are their specialties and other information to help you connect, communicate and work with them in your life.

Class 5 : Using Your Power to Create Your Own Divine Magic

Intentions, Affirmations, Gratitude, and Protection are indeed your own Divine Magic. 

Discover how these tools benefit you in creating the life you deserve and desire.  The life that is your Divine Inheritance…

Class 6 : Archangel Twin Flame



Dianne Morgan


The Angels have called me a Mystic Intuitive Communicator and Healer. My mission is to help others heal mind, heart, body and spirit to return to Love. My business Angel Navigation was founded on my connection with the angels, who led me to many paths and I am a Tuesday Night Host of Angel Navigation with Dianne Morgan on International Angels Network

Suzi Parrett

Coming from Romany ancestry, I have had my gifts all my life. I am a psychic medium, clairvoyant, spiritual coach/advisor, angel healing therapist/intuitive. As a natural channel, I can remove negative energy, close portals, remove spirits haunting and entities from property or land. I am a Saturday Day UK Host of Angelic Light on International Angels Network


Is the course available in a different language?

Unfortunately not, the course is only available in English at present.

Is there a certificate at the end of the course?

No, we wanted to keep costs as low as possible so the course is accessible to all.

Can the course be gifted?

Yes of Course!  Just simply add the email of the person you want to gift the class too, then add an ID login name and temporary password.  

I don’t have PayPal, can I pay using a different method?

Due to the software we use we can only accept Paypal, although you do not have to be registered with Paypal, there is an option to ‘Pay by Card’.

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